Disinfectant dispenser

The topics of hygiene and disinfection are more topical than ever. Both in public areas as well as in the private environment. We have developed our product range of sensor-disinfectant dispensers set up to meet all requirements to offer an optimal solution.

emcobath’s new sensor-operated disinfectant dispensers are available as battery-operated wall models for liquid soap/disinfectant gel, liquid-disinfectant or foam.

All three models can also be easily mounted on the stable stand with drip tray and, if necessary, operated via the power supply kit. Standard commercial hygiene products can be used.

Features of the disinfectant dispenser

  • The disinfectants dispensers feature hygienic and touch-free sensor technology.
  • The product is made of high-quality, anodised and antibacterial aluminium.
  • The filling quantity of the container which can be easily removed for cleaning and filling is 800 ml.
  • A fill level and battery change indicator is located at the front.
  • All models are powered by four batteries. Mains operation is only possible with the floor-mounted version (power supply kit required).
  • The disinfectant dispensers are suitable for wall mounting or mounting on a stand with integrated drip tray (available separately).
  • Delivery includes corrosion-free fixing material, without batteries (4x AA, 1,5V).
  • The dispensers can be locked with a lock
    located on the top.

Functions of the floor-standing and wall-mounted disinfectant dispensers


The disinfectant dispenser can be easily opened at the top.

Filling up

Fill the disinfectant dispenser with a suitable hygiene product.


Close the disinfectant dispenser. It is now ready for use.

Easy and safe handling

In comparison to hand washing, hand disinfectants are much more effective against microbial contamination by bacteria, fungi and also viruses.

With the emcobath disinfectant dispenser, you can provide your employees, customers and guests a way to disinfect their hands easily and safely.

Disinfect your hands easily without touching, with our contactless disinfectant dispenser.

All products in the series

3521 001 06, stainless steel

Sensor-dispenser for liquid soap/disinfectants gel

3521 001 07, stainless steel

Sensor-dispenser for liquid disinfectants

3521 001 08, stainless steel

Sensor-dispenser for foam

3521 050 00, aluminium


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