sensor soap dispenser

Light changes rooms and creates a new atmosphere. Now you can design these rooms for yourself. Introducing the emco light system: your Bluetooth-based control system for all Casambi-compatible LED lights. Easy to operate using the app or controller.

Only from emco Bad can you expect to find a soap dispenser with its own coordinated design range and an integrated sensor for handsfree operation. Its unparalleled ease of use relies on a sophisticated, miniaturized high tech electronic component featuring a lithium-ion battery located beneath the soap container. What’s more, it even comes complete with a USB port for easy recharging.

The integrated electronics feature a red flashing LED to indicate when the battery needs to be charged. The LED flashes green while charging is in progress and switches to a solid green light once fully charged.

All you need to charge the soap dispenser is a standard micro-USB charging cable and a plug socket. The soap dispenser can also be switched on and off via the sensor area.

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