New lighting variant for award-winning illuminated mirror cabinet series

emco Bad on the trade fair ISH 2017: New lighting variant for award-winning illuminated mirror cabinet series

Frankfurt a. M. / Lingen, 14th March 2017 – A new variant of its German Design Award 2017-winning "prime" illuminated mirror cabinet series was presented by emco Bad at the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt. The dominant feature of the new "prime 2" models is horizontal LED lighting positioned above and below the cabinet doors. With these the maker is logically completing the assortment of successful versions with all-round LED lighting and at the same time offering an additional alternative to the illuminated mirror cabinet concepts commonly available in the market. The series combines design quality with great convenience for the user, a benefit which is reflected in, for example, steplessly adjustable glass shelves and a power box designed to fit in the corner. This not only integrates the control system for the LED lighting that is optionally dimmable in light intensity and colour but also enables electrical appliances to be charged up with the cabinet door closed. For family bathrooms fitted with dual washstands the company also offers both illuminated mirror cabinet variants in appropriate widths.

Both the horizontal and the all-round lighting are standardly available with a neutral-white LED light of approximately 4,000 kelvin (K), which provides for even lighting of the mirror image and a pleasant light atmosphere in the immediate proximity of the mirror cabinet. A light package is also optionally offered that enable both stepless changing of the light colour from cold (6,000 K) to warm (3,000 K) and also dimming of the light intensity.

There is a choice of 600 mm-wide, 1-door illuminated mirror cabinets with a stop on the right or left-hand side and 2-door models in the widths 600, 800, 1,000 and 1,200 mm. The series also comprises versions with dimensions that are specially coordinated for family bathrooms with dual washstands and sufficient storage space for two or more persons. For this the portfolio of cabinets with all-round lighting has been expanded to include a 1,300 mm-wide version, while the models with a horizontal light arrangement are also available in a width of 1,600 mm. All illuminated mirror cabinets are available in on- and in-wall versions and optionally with a mirrored or glass-white back wall. Because of the great variety of widths and fitting variants the cabinets with all-round lighting are offered in 56 and the alternative models with a horizontal LED light in as many as 64 differently designed versions.