Kombination aus Waschtisch und geräumigem Unterschrank / Zusätzliche Alternative zu Geberit-Waschtischmodulen

Emco Bad at the ISH 2015: Supplementary washbasin solution for multi-vendor program

Frankfurt a. M. / Lingen, March 10, 2015 - For its program "monolith", associated with the innovative space system "asis", Emco Bad presented at the ISH 2015 in Frankfurt a new washbasin solution. The extension consists of the already available separately vanity of the program and a spacious cabinet. Meanwhile, high-quality glass fronts make it to the gentle movement of the washstand a visually balanced interaction. The monolithic appearance of novelty reflects the individual character of the program and harmonizes perfectly characterized with the corresponding exclusive LED-illuminated mirror cabinet. This was in 2012 developed under a business cooperation as a visual and functional complement to the Monolith Basin modules from Geberit. First, the new washbasin solution provides an additional option, which completes the same time the company's own range of programs consistently.

The cabinet is equipped in coordination with other Basin solutions of diverse space system with high-quality, available optionally in colors Optiwhite and black glass surfaces. With a width of 720 mm, a height of 400 mm and a depth of 500 mm, it has a strong exterior with a pleasantly balanced proportions. Its generously dimensioned extract with practical storage system provides plenty of storage space even for high bath accessories. ensure the right for additional functionality, left or both sides can be integrated towel rail. With its powerful design of the cabinet is an effective antidote to the flat and delicate appearance of the existing white mineral cast washstand. This is available both with and without pre-tap hole. The width of the washbasin solution is also precisely tailored to the dimensions of the light Mirrorcabinet in the program, so that when a combination of the two products together as a coherent whole as homogeneous image.

The special features of the exclusive light Mirrorcabinet include laterally extendable storage compartments, which are integrated behind a generously sized, continuous mirror surface. Each extract is equipped with three compartments which provide ample space for bath and body care utensils. Tailored accessories evaluate the interior of the compartments on both visually and functionally. The handle-free extracts can be opened with a gentle finger pressure here via a so-called "push-to-open" feature. For glare-free and uniform illumination of the mirror image at the top of a positioned, energy-efficient LED lighting, which is controlled via a touch sensor provides. A smooth transition from hot-cold-white light in three different lighting levels always produces the desired light atmosphere in the bathroom.