The new "emco light system" enables all the lighting units in the bathroom to be interconnected to create an optimally coordinated, pleasant light atmosphere.

By means of a cost-free app light sources can be quickly and easily assigned to groups or controlled separately.

emco Bad on the trade fair SHK Essen 2018: Interconnected lighting for optimum feel-good experience in the bathroom

Essen / Lingen, 06th March 2018 – The "emco light system" presented by emco Bad at the SHK Essen 2018 is a light system for bathrooms that is like no other in the market. It enables all lighting units such as illuminated mirror cabinets, shaving and cosmetic mirrors as well as wall and ceiling lights to be interconnected via Bluetooth quickly and easily. Light sources can be steplessly adjusted in brightness and colour temperature collectively or selectively. Furthermore many different scenarios can be realised for a feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom, enabling the right, optimally coordinated lighting to be achieved for every mood and every kind of use. The decentralised system can be intuitively controlled via the smartphone, a flexibly integratable controller or the control panel on selected products of the manufacturer‘s and can be extended to include light sources in other rooms. In this way the company once again underscores its innovative leadership in the bathroom lighting sector.

To start with, the "evo" illuminated mirror cabinet as well as a new shaving and cosmetic mirror – both of which were also presented at the fair – was set up for the light control system. The mirror cabinet here offers many ways of regulating the system. Available is a touch control panel for switching the bathroom lighting on and off, for dimming light intensity and temperature and for selecting lighting scenarios. In the medium term, it is planned to also integrate already existing products, like the successful "touch" wash-stand solution, into the lighting control system.

The system’s basic settings are set via an app available free of charge from the App Store or from Google Play. With this the lighting units can, for example, conjointly with other light sources be assigned to a group to bathe the entire bathroom in a uniform atmosphere. Stored for this in the app are three scenarios: for the daily cosmetic routine, waking up in the morning and the evening relaxation bath. Likewise a programme can be started in which the light colours and intensities adjust to the human biorhythm and so promote wellbeing. At the same time the user’s own light scenarios can be created and programmed by means of a timer function. Furthermore, all light sources can also be individually selectively regulated regulated.

To realise these many different functions, the light control uses the Casambi standard based on Bluetooth Low Energy, by means of which up to 127 light sources can be interconnected. Control signals are relayed from light to light, enabling the system to do without a central unit such as a router or a gateway. To integrate a new light source, the light source need only be fitted with a suitable module or, in the case of wall and ceiling lights, with a Casambi-enabled LED lamp. New units here are recognised fully automatically. The Lingen-based manufacturer plans to complete the system soon with a wireless presence sensor.