emco Bad presented itself at the SHK Essen 2018 with a widely varied product range offering a pleasant light atmosphere and maximum design freedom.

emco Bad on the trade fair SHK Essen 2018: More room for individuality thanks to innovative light system and reduced design

Essen / Lingen, 06th March 2018 – A widely varied product range for an optimum feel-good experience and maximum design freedom in the bathroom was presented by emco Bad at the SHK Essen 2018. One focus here was the "emco light system" that enabled all the lighting units in the bathroom to be interconnected to create a coordinated, pleasant light atmosphere. This enables two of the manufacturer’s new products – a smart illuminated mirror cabinet and a shaving and cosmetic mirror with a light guidance system – to be conveniently regulated. A further highlight of the fair presentation was the Lingen-based company’s new slim design. As well as a slim frame variant for the "touch" wash-stand unit there were especially purist functional modules and a visually and functionally reworked bathroom accessory series.

In the "emco light system" the manufacturer presented a bathroom lighting control system like no other in the market. With this system all the lighting units such as illuminated mirror cabinets, shaving and cosmetic mirrors as well as wall and ceiling lights can be interconnected via Bluetooth. Here the light sources can be steplessly regulated for brightness and colour temperature either collectively or selectively. Furthermore, many different scenarios can be realised for a feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom, so that the right, optimally coordinated lighting is available for every mood and every kind of use. The decentralised system can be intuitively controlled by means of a smartphone, a flexibly integratable controller or the control panels on selected products of the company’s and can be extended to include lighting units in other rooms. All that is required for this is to fit the light sources with a suitable module or Casambi-enabled light sources. In this way the manufacturer is once more underscoring its innovative lead in the bathroom lighting sector.

Alongside this the company presented a smart illuminated mirror cabinet with innovative fitting features to meet the most demanding requirements. Because of its purist overall look the new "evo" mirror cabinet series harmonises optimally with the reduced design of the "asis 2.0" functional modules. Style-setting here is the unbroken mirror surface with clear-glass areas at the upper and lower edge. In this way the horizontal LED lighting at the back creates a powerful lighting effect for optimum lighting of the mirror image and bath. As one of the manufacturer’s first products, the new product can also be integrated into the "emco light system" via Bluetooth. The trend-setting light control system for the whole bathroom can be regulated by means of a touch panel in the interior of the cabinet with contact sensors for switching the lighting on and off, steplessly regulating brightness and colour temperature and selecting scenarios. Furthermore, by the same means an optionally available anti-misting function discreetly integrated into the slim cabinet doors can be actuated.

The company further presented a shaving and cosmetic mirror featuring an innovative lighting concept. Thanks to a special technology that guides the LED light at the back onto the mirror rim the new product has an extremely flat, elegant design. At the same time the special radiant effect of the dazzle-free lighting enables an even evener illumination of the face than with conventional cosmetic mirrors. Brightness and colour temperature can be dimmed by means of control elements on the back of the mirror. With a consumption of less than 2 watt the new product is also extremely energy-efficient. Furthermore, the shaving and cosmetic mirror can be optionally connected to the "evo" illuminated mirror cabinet via the "emco light system" and with other lighting units via Bluetooth so as to create a homogeneous light atmosphere in the bathroom. The mirror is available with a three- or a five-fold magnifying surface that is held by a robust yet flexible scissor arm.

The manufacturer also presented selected modules of the "asis" room system in an especially purist design combined with individually designable surfaces. The doors of the "asis plus" frameless and flush-fitting in-wall units can be faced as required by the user with the most varied wall materials, such as tiles, wood or Corian. In this way the modules can be made to blend in with or eye-catchingly contrast with the bathroom environment. This consistently further-developed room system thus offers maximum freedom for the user’s own style and at the same time fits in with the manufacturer’s new slim design. Available here are modules for the WC area in a total of five variants – from the smallest version with integrated toilet paper and spare roll through to a combination with a toilet brush set – as well as a compact cabinet module with high-quality fittings. The units are fitted into the wall directly without a mounting frame.

The manufacturer likewise presented the successful "liaison" bathroom accessory series in a new, slim design. With the same clear use of form over the entire range the products harmonise with bathrooms in different styles. A clear visual enhancement is achieved primarily by the fine detail changes that reinforce the rectilinear look of the accessories. So, for example, the re-interpreted brackets and handles pick up the form of the wall fastening with its characteristic angles and continue them as a slender strip element. At the same time the series has been meaningfully streamlined and functionally extended. The new range comprises 25 accessories that can be mounted on the wall direct or integrated into one of four railing systems. The highlight of the range is the new single-handed liquid soap dispenser with integrated tray.