With their freely designable surfaces the new slim-design "asis" modules can be made to blend in with or contrast with the wall.

The new products also include a cabinet module fitted with, amongst other things, an energy-efficient LED lighting system and a plug socket.

emco Bad on the trade fair SHK Essen 2018: Purist functional modules with individually designable surfaces

Essen / Lingen, 06th March 2018 – Selected modules of the "asis" room system in an especially purist design combined with individually designable surfaces were presented by emco Bad at the SHK Essen 2018. The doors of the "asis plus" frameless and flush-fitting in-wall units can be faced as required by the user with the most varied wall materials. In this way the modules can be made to blend in with or eye-catchingly contrast with the bathroom environment. This consistently further-developed room system thus offers maximum freedom for the user’s own style and at the same time fits in with the manufacturer’s new slim design. Available here are modules for the WC area in a total of five variants – from the smallest version with integrated toilet paper and spare roll through to combination with toilet brush set – as well as a compact cabinet module with high-quality fittings. The units are fitted into the wall directly without a mounting frame.

The module doors can be covered with any wall material, such as tiles, wood or Corian, using commercially available adhesives. A covering thickness of up to 12 mm is provided for. For this purpose the door can be removed to enable the wall material to be laid over the integrated special fleece quickly and easily. Likewise no mounting frame is required for fitting, as the modules are integrated directly into the on-wall installation system used or the masonry. A flexible depth-adjustment system also enables millimetre-precise alignment during the fitting stage.

The product range comprises two modules for toilet paper, a spare roll and/or moist-paper box as well as a module with a toilet brush set. Two further, differently sized in-wall units combine toilet paper and toilet brush set. A side-mounted paper dispenser with design-patented technology emphasises the modules' minimalist design. The paper here is guided to the upper side area of the functional unit, where it can be conveniently pulled out with the door closed.

The cabinet module is fitted with an energy-efficient LED lighting system with a door contact switch, a plug socket and a glass and a metal holder. With a height of 900 mm and a width of 250 mm the unit offers plenty of storage space for utensils of all kinds. All modules come with the door stop positioned optionally on the left or on the right. The high-quality hinges enable the door to swing open through an angle of 90 degrees while being securely held.