With its new frame design, the compact “touch slim” all-in-one wash unit solution reflects current trends in the home and blends in seamlessly particularly in bathrooms featuring a minimalist design.

The subtle and minimalist frame instead draws the eye to the large mirror surface and the all-round LED lighting.

Slender frame design for innovative wash unit

Lingen, 23 January 2018 – With “touch slim”, emco Bad is offering a new frame version for its “Red Dot: Best of the Best” award-winning wash unit innovation. The very slender design with slim lines brings a puristic and elegant appearance to the all-in-one solution that combines all the wash unit functions you need in one compact module. Accordingly, the latest model reflects current trends in the home and blends in seamlessly particularly in bathrooms featuring a minimalist design. What's more, it is a natural addition to the existing portfolio, which until now has comprised a classic frame and one with a modern linear design. Perfect for both guest and family bathrooms, the range of versions offered allows the wash unit to be harmoniously incorporated into virtually any interior design style.

The frame – which is available in a chrome-plated design or varnished in high-gloss black in all three versions – sets the style for the room and characterises the overall appearance of the wash unit solution. With the subtle and minimalist design of the new “slim” frame, the eye is drawn instead to both the large mirror surface and the all-round lighting. The existing “classic” model, on the other hand, is characterised by refined, subtly decorated framing, making it a perfect match for luxurious, elegant bathrooms. Meanwhile, the style of the “pure” design version is the ideal addition to modern bathrooms.

The easy-to-install plug-and-play solution comprises a mirror with an integrated water supply, a washstand, storage space and all-round LED lighting to form a stylish, balanced unit. The washstand element with its round washbasin and cube-shaped cabinet element – available with glass surfaces in optiwhite or black – ensures balanced proportions. A tilt-and-turn lever for the water supply and a touch sensor for a smooth colour transition from warm white to cold white in three different light intensities are discreetly integrated in the surface of the washstand. As well as showing the user in the perfect light, the all-round LED lighting also creates the ideal mood for the entire ensemble and surrounding area. A soft, indirect night light that switches on automatically when it gets dark completes the lighting concept.

The portfolio comprises two different widths. While the 450 mm wide wash unit has been specifically tailored to confined spaces, making it ideal for guest bathrooms, the 600 mm model has been designed with family bathrooms in mind. It incorporates special features such as a generous drawer and lockable washbasin. The family bathroom version is also optionally available with an electro-package, which includes a heated mirror surface, a socket inside the drawer and an indirect night light – a feature which is provided in the guest bathroom solution as standard.