[Translate to English:] Erfolgreiche Waschplatzinnovation für Einsatz im Familienbad neu konzipiert

Successful washroom innovation for new family baths

With "touch 600", Emco Bad is presenting a variant of its pioneering all-in-one washing solution solution specially adapted to the family bathroom. As with the highly successful guest bathroom unit "touch", the new, widened model also features a mirror with integrated water supply, a washbasin with storage space possibilities, a surrounding LED lighting as well as a characteristic frame a balanced, compact overall composition. In addition to the family bathroom features such as a spacious extension and a dusty washbasin, which due to the integrated Geberit-Clou system does not need any visible overflow. In addition, a version with an electropacket is available, which includes a heated mirror surface, an outlet in the pull-out interior and an indirect, sensor-controlled night light. Through the harmonious integration of the new functions, the puristic image of the ensemble is still preserved.

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