Bathroom accessories from emco Bad


Modern accessories
designed to suit you.

Round, pure, subtle bathroom equipment


Round and pure. Delicate and clean. The art range exudes subtlety in its design alone – and makes its mark with punchy accents.

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Design accessories from the emco loft range


The powerful design of the loft range emphasises the comfort it offers to the user – with a clear and open appearance.

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High-quality accessories for bathrooms from emco trend


The trend range symbolises premium materials packed full of possibilities. With perfect angles and curves in all the right places.

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Create a decorative and functional bathroom with emco eposa


Straightforward design against an artistic backdrop: decorative elements meet clear functionality to create a true pièce de résistance.

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emco fino offers chrome-plated bathroom accessories


The fino range symbolises sleek stature. With premium chrome-plated elements and a rounded finish. It is form at its finest combined with solid materials.

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emco system2 offers a comprehensive range of bathroom accessories


The system2 range is unique in its extensiveness – and rich in individuality. system2 covers all individual tastes when it comes to finding everything you need for a modern bathroom.

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emco mundo for perfect design in the bathroom


The mundo accessories range meets all the criteria for beautiful design – all while setting a new standard. On-point bathroom comfort really is this easy.

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emco polo accessories for your bathroom


Unique and functional. Simple yet beautiful. The polo range puts the spotlight on design, functionality and attractive prices.

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Round bathroom accessories from the emco rondo2 range


Infinitely beautiful with appealing prices: the rounded designs from the rondo2 range. With clear glass elements, the geometric design is extremely appealing.

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Design accessories from the emco logo2 range


On strong form: logo2 impresses with plenty of bold statements and clearly defined surfaces. It leaves a lasting impression – and creates an incredible bathroom design.

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emco AC round


Available in black surface or in classical chrome finish. For screwing or glueing with the emco glue system. The accessories of the new series round will complete your bathroom perfectly.

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Placing things, adding items, hanging things up – now it’s time for practical details. The accessories from the new series Flow allow for your personal touch. They are competitively priced and blend seamlessly into your bathroom look with their appealing design.

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