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The asis 300 modules.

ASIS 300 

Diversity: with the innovative asis 300 modules you can fit out your bathroom with functional and versatile features.

Variously sized cabinet modules offer you space saving solutions and the best storage and design options for your bathroom. The recessed mounting options allow the modules to fit almost flush with the wall. Whether they have the generous storage compartment, no fewer than four glass shelves and LED light unit including high-power LED spots – or the double doors with internal mirrors and extensive mirror door: with their stripped-back structure and various functions, they gleam even when opened.

All products in the range:

9732 274 30, aluminium/optiwhite

Refuse bin module - built-in-version

9770 274 63, aluminium/optiwhite

Cabinet module - build in model

9720 274 13, aluminium/optiwhite

Cabinet module - build in model

9720 099 13, aluminium/mirror

Cabinet module with mirrored-door - built-in model

9732 000 31, Built-in frame

Built-in frame

9770 000 61, Built-in frame

Built-in frame

9720 000 11, Built-in frame

Built-in frame

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