High-quality workmanship is evident in many details


Even the smallest detail
plays a key role.


Focused on the essentials. Three comfort versions. Three sizes. A total of 13 versions. In addition to so many possibilities, the round LED light mirror pure impresses with its wonderful light and its simple, pure look.

Pure light mirror: round light mirror in three sizes with direct connection (room control).

Pure+ light mirror: like Pure, but with an additional matt finish on the outside of the mirror surface and optional heating foil for the 790 and 1,000 mm models.

Pure++ light mirror: like Pure+, but with light control integrated into the mirror surface via three touch sensors (on/off, brightness, light colour).

All products in the range:

4411 006 06, mirror

LED-illuminated mirror Pure, Ø 600 mm

4411 008 08, mirror

LED-illuminated mirror Pure, Ø 790 mm

4411 010 10, mirror

LED-illuminated mirror Pure, Ø 1.000 mm

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