Good light in every bathroom

The impact of good lighting in the bathroom is often underestimated. The current illuminated mirror range from emco Bad GmbH is being expanded with two interesting new products: Round and Pure, that stand for different mirror models. Like all emco products, they combine emco’s typical sleek and pure design with modern LED lighting technology as well as energy-efficient performance.

“ Cool light is preferable for daily personal care in the mornings. Different light sources can individually support different actions such as brushing your teeth, applying make-up, checking your skin, styling your hair and checking your reflection in the mirror,” explains emco Bad Managing Director, Michael Kleber.  “Our illuminated mirror range meets these different needs through technical sophistication and purist design – and at an attractive price,” Kleber continues.

The existing portfolio with the well-known series Premium and mee, will be expanded by two new series:

Round – the sun rises

“Round is not just a framed mirror, but a declaration of love for light and aesthetics,” Kleber enthuses. The Round mirror releases its impressive light quite simply via three touch fields integrated into the mirror surface with sensor technology behind them. This allows the brightness and light temperature to be individually adjusted. An LED light strip is positioned behind the mirror surface integrated into the frame and radiates indirect light to the front. The frame itself is made of white coated steel and is available in two sizes – 700 and 900 mm in diameter.

Pure – focused on the essentials

“The Round LED illuminated mirror captivates with a wonderful light and its plain, pure look,” says Kleber enthusiastically. The LED illuminated mirror Pure is available in three sizes and a total of 13 versions. The simplest version gets by without matting the mirror surface on the side and is controlled via the light switch in the room. The Pure+ model is different due to the additional all-round matting of the mirror surface, enabling more direct lighting. The top model Pure++ is available with light control via three touch sensors integrated into the mirror surface.

All models are available in 600, 790 and 1,000 mm diameters. The Pure+ and Pure++ are also available in the 790 and 1,000 mm sizes with an optional heating foil that prevents the mirror surface from fogging up.

Free Whitepaper

emco’s free Whitepaper on lighting design and planning in the bathroom, provides further valuable information and tips for planners, prospective builders and renovators. The PDF can be downloaded in the Downloadcenter .


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