Unique designs combined with ultimate in functionality: the guiding principle behind the emco glue system. Mounting accessories with this adhesive system is as easy as the accessories are elegant. All products in the new Round series are suitable for adhesive fitting. Other product ranges will follow.

The art of elegant installation.

Apply adhesive

Mark the required location on the cleaned surface. Roughen and clean the mounting plate, then stick it on with the two-part adhesive.

Leave to dry

The 2-part adhesive takes 4 hours to set. During this time, no load must be placed on the accessory. You can attach 5–6 accessories with one pack.

Tighten in place

The accessory is securely tightened to the mounting plate. The position can be adjusted as required, allowing it to be perfectly aligned later.

A cooperation with cohesion.

emco works continuously with the company i.glue systems, which specializes in hole-free adhesive and fastening technology. Together we will further develop the emco glue system and offer further solutions in the future.

At emco design and function are combined in a special way. In what way is gluing the more elegant solution?

Peter Fichte: Particularly if you have decided on very high-quality tiles in the bathroom or live in a rented flat, you want to avoid unnecessary and possibly costly repairs Besides cracked tiles and drilling dust, adhesive bonding also avoids noise – which is sure to make your neighbour happy.

In which cases would you recommend adhesive mounting? Where and when is gluing not possible?

Peter Fichte: Firstly, the mounting surface is decisive for the quality of the adhesive bond: it must be able to bear weight and be free from dust, grease, oil and dirt. We advise against gluing accessories to wallpaper. The adhesive will adhere very well to the wallpaper, but the connection between the wallpaper and the wall may not be sufficient to withstand the weight of the accessory. Optimum adhesion can only be achieved with a glue system.

Mounting bathroom accessories by gluing offers a clean, fast and above all, non-destructive solution that can be carried out at any time.”

PETER FICHTE – Managing Director i.glue systems

How securely are the accessories attached using this system?

Peter Fichte: Before an accessory is approved for gluing, we carry out stress tests in the laboratory. The glued accessories are loaded once with a traction weight and once with a lever weight. In both cases we gradually increase the weight. Whether the accessory is suitable for gluing or has to be further developed is determined by the point when the glued joint no longer is able to withstand the load. It is not only the laboratory tests that ensure secure mounting, however, but also the high quality and extreme holding power of the 2-component adhesive together with the easy installation procedure.

What about the disassembling procedure? When it comes to adhesives, you automatically think of messy glue deposits…

Peter Fichte: On a smooth surface, you can simply remove a mounting with a putty knife and a hammer. Should any traces of adhesive remain, they can easily be removed with a ceramic scraper or a silicone remover and a cloth.

What does the emco glue system consist of? Does the glue present any health hazards?

Peter Fichte: The system consists of a cleaning cloth, abrasive fleece, glue bag and application instructions. The glue is EUREACH compliant and is not labelled as hazardous material. Since it only shrinks slightly during hardening, it is also very mould resistant.

How long will the glued mounting last? Will the glue eventually break down by itself or hold until I remove it?

Peter Fichte: Once the glue has set, it behaves like a rubbery plastic. We have tested the long-term stability extensively – even under damp conditions. This guarantees that the adhesive bond lasts until you decide to remove it.

Finally, a question on the future of adhesive bonding. Will emco be expanding the application spectrum of its glue system in the future?

Peter Fichte: Yes, we continue to work closely with emco to further develop the adhesive system in line with the market and to offer further solutions.

Thank you for talking to us.

Interview: Solveig Köster / photos: Mathias Rothmann