Light changes rooms and creates a new atmosphere. Now you can design these rooms for yourself. Introducing the emco light system: your Bluetooth-based control system for all Casambi-compatible LED lights. Easy to operate using the app or controller.

Individual lighting scenes made easy.


You can download the Casambi app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. A quick guide to the app and further information are available to download here.

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The option is also available to switch individual lights or groups of lights on and off using the emco controller. You can even dim lights, adjust the light colour values or retrieve lighting moods.

Touchscreen control panel

The Evo LED illuminated mirror cabinet features an integrated touchscreen control panel. This control panel allows you to control your heated mirror doors or else be inspired by three pre-programmed light scenarios.

The whole world between on and off

Every day starts, plays out and ends in a different light. Light and shadows decide what we do and when we do it, and even determine our mood. With the emco light system, you can now create a unique, ambient atmosphere all of your own. Adjust the warmth and brightness of the light using the app, controller or touchscreen control panel. Link up your Evo LED illuminated mirror cabinet with the new emco cosmetic mirror or other Casambi-compatible products. Whether separate or synchronised, the emco light system now offers a limitless light spectrum every single day, whether it’s morning, noon or night.

It’s time for light – just the way you want it. With the emco light system timer function, you can choose when one scenario ends and the next begins, allowing you to create the perfect ambience whilst also protecting your home against burglary.

A touch more elegant. With the emco light system, you can create the perfect lighting for anything from doing your make-up to simply relaxing. What’s more, you can even save your settings and recall them with ease at any time.

Setting the scene starts here. Three moods (Cosmetic, Energising and Relaxing) are pre-programmed in the system for your convenience – the rest you can create yourself.


The emco light system functions in brief:

  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Infinitely adjustable light warmth and brightness settings
  • Pre-programmed scenarios for everyday use (Cosmetic, Energising and Relaxing)
  • Option to create your own scenarios and activate them exactly when you want them, including one after the other
  • Timer function for presence simulation to help protect against burglary
  • Option to control one or several Casambi-compatible lights at the same time

You can find answers to common questions here.

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»With the emco light system, we opted for the smart and simple solution for our bathroom lighting. In doing so, we chose countless options for lighting up our lives and enjoy starting every day in the perfect light.«


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