Justine & Henry

For the past four years, Komplex IX – a former “functional building” – has been home to gallery owner Justine von Meis, her husband, artist Henry Lorbach, and their lop-eared rabbit Lizi.

“Perfect design is always a creative process,” says Henry, also referring to his career as an artist. Aesthetics are important to both of them, something that you notice when you look around their home. Justine explains: “Just like at my gallery, and in Henry’s studio too, our home is a project space for new formats. This concept stretches from the living room right through to the bathroom.” “As artists, we strive to keep breaking new ground; we thrive on renewal,” explains Henry. Justine is completely in her element here too: “Having enough space is also very important to us – but it needs to be able to breathe.” “Full of relevant content,” Henry adds. Both nod in agreement.

»You need to fill your rooms with life in order to live a fulfilled life at home. We want to feel our very best, particularly in an area as personal as the bathroom. Our atmosphere is there.«


Familie Kurz

Sebastian and Luise Kurz and their twin sons Max and Jonas are the epitome of an urban German family. Family living means a lot to them.

“We’ve never actually managed to all need to use the bathroom at the same time… though I’m sure we could if we wanted to. There is certainly enough space. This was one of our priorities when creating the room. After all, we were already aware that we would be getting not one but two little bundles of joy,” says Sebastian with a smile towards his sons, who smile back with broad, perfectly matching grins. “At the time, our interior designer specifically asked us: ‘How do you imagine your perfect bathroom?’ That’s when I had a flash of inspiration,” explains Luise. “Ideally, it needed to be the opposite of chaos. I have to admit that I was pretty stressed out at the time: building a house, pregnant with twins and still working.” Sebastian and Luise move towards each other on the large sofa.

“The best thing is when your appliances think with you,” says Luise, referring to the bathroom’s sensor-controlled lighting concept. “When the little ones forget to turn the lights off, it can be pretty practical. And if one of us needs to use the bathroom at night, the automatic light helps us to find our way.” The young mum’s favourite thing about her bathroom is its spa-like style. And Dad’s favourite thing? “Dad loves singing in the shower!” interjects Max, raising a laugh from everyone.

»There are four of us. Soon, there will actually be five. This means we need to use space efficiently. When it comes to our furnishings, we need to ensure that they are designed in a functional and space-saving manner. And they need to be high quality – but in terms of durability.«