Illuminated Mirror MI Style:

Illuminated Mirror MI Style:
Emco Bath focuses on individuality

Lingen, 16 August 2023 Just five steps to a customised mirror. At emco bath, the dimensions of the mirror as well as the position and number of light cut-outs can be customised. Other options such as indirect lighting, an integrated cosmetic mirror or anti-fog heating foil can also be added.

There are a total of 246 different basic sizes to choose from, up to a maximum width of 2,600 and a height of 1,800 millimetres. The width and height measurements can be put together in ten centimetre increments. Other customisable features such as rounded finishes, corner sections and facets are also possible. The illuminated mirror can be provided with an optional concealed sensor switch or touch control panel. Once planned, the design is checked for technical feasibility and then produced to high standards of workmanship with high-quality mirror surfaces and energy efficient LED technology.

“With our modular system, we are happily accommodating our customers’ interests in individuality and are pleased to be able to fulfil these requests,” explains emco bath Managing Director, Michael Kleber.


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