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As of April, the previous emco Bad general catalogue has been replaced by a new workbook: This provides a compact, entertaining and informative read for specialist dealers and end customers. In addition, the first issue of the new emco bathroom magazine Spotlight has been published.

We have focused on the essentials in the new workbook. Instead of home stories and long texts, there is a clear design with useful information on 172 pages – simply a compact and informative overview of our product portfolio,” explains Michael Kleber, Managing Director of emco Bad. The Workbook 2022, which is available in German and English, can now be downloaded free of charge as a PDF, from the emco Bad website download centre:

The emco Bad magazine Spotlight is also new: “We have evolved from a catalogue to a megalog to a magazine and want to whet people’s appetites with ideas for the bathroom. Here we publish stories, show production processes, give tips and installation options. The current issue is a great mix of entertainment and information,” says Kleber about the first issue, which will be followed by others where each focuses on a topic. The magazine can also be downloaded free of charge and, like the workbook, will also be available in printed form from the end of April.

Image 1: The new workbook is a compact and informative overview of the emco bathroom product portfolio.
Image 2-3: The first Spotlight magazine from emco Bad focuses on illuminated mirror cabinets.

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