PRIME illuminated mirror cabinets from emco bath get a facelift

PRIME illuminated mirror cabinets from emco bath get a facelift
Even more attractive price and design

Lingen, 29 March 2022 Many aspects of the successful illuminated mirror cabinets in the PRIME and PRIME2 ranges from emco bath have been optimised: there are new light controls and an improved, space-saving socket box. Moreover, all the models are now available with a black finish and three new widths have been added.

The all-round lighting on PRIME and the LED light strips at the top and bottom on PRIME2 are adjustable to provide ideal illumination of the face and pleasant ambient lighting. The three touch control panels for the lights are new. They have been integrated into the back panel on the inside for infinite adjustment of the light colour and brightness and can also be tapped for three preset levels. The glass shelves can now be arranged individually on new supports arranged discreetly between the side and back panels, providing more storage space for bathroom items.

66 versions and widths up to two metres
As part of the facelift, we have added two four-door versions to both ranges. The cabinets will then have an impressive width of one metre eighty or two metres,” explains emco bath managing director, Michael Kleber. A total of nine widths, two rear panel options (mirrored, white glass) and models for surface or flush mounting give plenty of freedom to plan and design with 66 versions in each range.

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