Pure 2 and Flat 2 – new all round

emco Bad mirror cabinet innovations:
Pure 2 and Flat 2 – new all round

Until now, the Pure and Flat series of illuminated mirror cabinets from emco Bad have primarily impressed with their two different cabinet depths and attractive price-performance ratio. The new generation – unknown in this price class so far – has been complemented with new functions and has extended the design,by two new lines.

In addition to the familiar horizontal top light, there are new model variants with a light shade made of frosted acrylic or with chrome-plated LED top spotlights, giving the illuminated mirror cabinets a completely new look. There have also been some changes to the interior: Light brightness and colour are fully adjustable, as are the glass shelves. In total, there are 42 different variants of the Pure 2 and Flat 2 models.

Integrated control center
The new, vertical function column in the interior is a multi-talent: here, in addition to the touch control panel for continuous, variable adjustment of light intensity and light colour, there are two power sockets as well as the separate control of the upper luminaire unit. The discreet support system has individually adjustable glass shelves and there is plenty of space for utensils. The newly designed floor profile houses the integrated vanity lighting as well as the second power socket, which can conveniently be used directly from the outside – without opening the mirror doors.

Individual variants
The new Pure 2 and Flat 2 illuminated mirror cabinets in the Classic design and style versions are available in the shortest width of 600 mm, with one or two mirror doors. The 800, 1,000 and 1,200 mm widths have two doors and the two large cabinets (1,400 and 1,600 mm) have three doors.  All models are also available as Pure 2 with the classic cabinet depth of 153 mm or as the particularly narrow Flat 2, with 113 mm for small bathrooms.


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