Plain treasures

New accessory series from emco bathroom:
CUE – plain treasures

emco bathroom is launching 15 brand new accessories for washstand, bathtub, shower and WC items: CUE was designed by Nexus Product Design and is the second series that can be mounted with the emco glue system. That means: you can either bore or glue.

“Cue convinces with an aesthetic design of flat surfaces and defined radii,” explains Michael Kleber, Managing Director of emco Bad. “Although the products are in the middle-price segment, their sleek design incorporating elegance and understatement, gives them in effect, a much-higher quality appearance,” Kleber continues. All products are available in chrome, while the glass parts are made of frosted crystal glass.

The product portfolio includes toilet paper holders and toilet brush sets, liquid soap dispensers, glass and soap holders as well as bath and hand towel holders.

They can be mounted in the classic way with dowels and screws, but are also designed for adhesive mounting – dust-free without drilling.

The installation is particularly convenient due to the possibility of being able to align the accessory even after the wall plate has been secured.

Secure hold and easy mounting

The specially developed “emco glue system” combines a secure hold with simple mounting only requiring a few steps: Products that can be glued provide an elegant solution where high-quality tiles or installing products in rental properties, are concerned. This avoids any damage and repair costs. The adhesive set consists of a cleaning cloth, abrasive fleece, two-component adhesive and a simple application description. Gluing accessories is recommended for surfaces that are load-bearing and free of dust, grease and dirt. These surfaces include, for example, cleaned tiles, concrete and glass.

The glued accessory is solid and loadable after four hours. The adhesive complies with the European REACH chemicals regulation and is free of hazardous substances. The high quality and extreme holding power – even in damp rooms – has been extensively tested in the laboratory, by the manufacturer. Incidentally, removing the glued items is just as easy as mounting them.  On smooth surfaces, the adhesive bond can be easily removed with a putty knife. Any glue residue can then be easily removed with a ceramic tile scraper or cloth.

The glue system can also be used for emco’s Round accessory series.

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