Bathroom accessories in a new design

emco Bad on the trade fair ISH 2017: Bathroom accessories in a new design

Frankfurt a. M. / Lingen, 14th March 2017 – Selected bathroom accessories in a new design were presented for its "trend" series by emco Bad at the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt. For this purpose, some articles in the shower, bathtub and WC areas were basically reshaped and included as an addition to the range. The newly interpreted holders and handles pick up the form of the wall bracket with its slightly rounded edges, which is characteristic of the series, and consistently carry it on as a strip element. In this way, despite their powerful materiality, the accessories are given an unobtrusively elegant look which enables them to fit harmoniously into bathrooms in the most varied styles. The reworked additions thus contribute to a considerable visual upgrading of the entire range and at the same time increase the possibilities of variation to achieve an individual bathroom design.

The newly designed accessories, consisting of a paper holder without a lid, rigid towel rails in a one- and two-armed version, a 600 and an 800 mm-wide towel rail and a bath handle, offer expressive alternatives to the already available articles in the classic round-tube design. Furthermore, thanks to the balanced strip-shaped carry-over of the wall bracket to the bodies of the accessories a tension is set up between rectilinear and oval forms, particularly on the towel rails. The result is a coherently coordinated design concept that additionally emphasises the classical elegance of the series.

The range is further distinguished by its high material quality, an attractive price level and a comprehensive mix. This includes a liquid-soap dispenser, a glass holder and a soap holder and a toilet brush set, of which the satin-crystal glass components likewise pick up the slightly rounded edge configuration of the holder elements. The same applies to the one-hand liquid-soap dispenser that, thanks to its high-quality pump system, is reliably protected against dripping. All in all, the expanded series assortment comprises 26 different articles, which individually and in combination offer a modern, balanced design.