On the "evo" illuminated mirror cabinet by emco Bad an LED lighting system integrated behind clear glass and offering many different settings provides optimum lighting.

The anti-mist function activatable by means of a touch panel in the interior of the cabinet is discreetly designed so as to fully retain the slim look of the mirrored doors.

emco Bad on the trade fair SHK Essen 2018: Smart illuminated mirror cabinet with many different convenience functions

Essen / Lingen, 06th March 2018 – An illuminated mirror cabinet with innovative fitting features to meet the most demanding requirements was presented by emco Bad at the SHK Essen 2018. With its purist overall look the new "evo" mirror cabinet series harmonises optimally with the reduced design of the "asis 2.0" functional modules. Style-setting here is the unbroken mirror surface with clear-glass areas at the upper and lower edge. This way the horizontal LED lighting behind it creates a powerful lighting effect for optimum lighting of the mirror image and bath. As one of the manufacturer’s first products, the new product can also be integrated into the "emco light system" via Bluetooth. The trend-setting light control system for the whole bathroom can be regulated by means of a touch panel in the interior of the cabinet. Furthermore by the same means an optionally available anti-misting function discreetly integrated into the slim cabinet doors can be actuated.

The illuminated mirror cabinet fitted out for the Lingen-based manufacturer’s innovative light system features contact sensors for switching the lighting on and off, for stepless regulation of brightness and colour temperature and for selecting scenarios. The settings for three typical bathroom situations (Cosmetic, Energizing and Relaxing) are already stored here. All functions can be actuated via the light control system and also in combination with other lighting units in the bathroom. To integrate a new light source, the new light source need only be fitted with a suitable module or, in the case of wall and ceiling lights, with a Casambi-enabled LED lamp.

The practical anti-misting function quickly ensures a clear mirror image and deactivates automatically after 30 minutes. The technology here is integrated so that the heated mirrored doors retain their slim look and no wires for the power supply are visible. Completing the high-quality fittings is an especially discreet, steplessly adjustable support system for the crystal glass shelves as well as two plug sockets.

The new illuminated mirror cabinet is available as a 2-door version in the widths 600, 800, 1,000 and 1,200 mm. There is also a 3-door variant with a width of 1,600 mm. Heated mirrored doors are, with the exception of the smallest model, available for all illuminated mirror cabinets. The series is also available as an on-wall and in-wall version for all widths.