Can I connect a Casambi-enabled luminaire to more than one network?

No. You can only connect Casambi Bluetooth control units to one network at a time. However, it is possible to control the control unit from several devices in the same network, e.g. if you and your partner would both like to access the bathroom...

Can I use a Hue gateway in several networks at the same time?

Yes. A Hue gateway can be used in several networks simultaneously. To pair, press the confirmation button on the gateway box.

What is a network?

A network is a group of Casambi Bluetooth control units that all use the same network settings. Because they use the same settings, the units can identify and communicate with each other. When the Casambi app is used as a control unit, it does...

What is network sharing and how does it work?

With network sharing, you share the existing Casambi network with other mobile devices. For example, if you are the administrator of the network and want to share the network with your partner, you share the network with their mobile device. When...

Why do I need an internet connection to share a network?

To store data such as luminaire images and network settings, the Casambi-App needs an internet connection. The data is stored in a secure cloud and made available to other devices.

Who can access my shared luminaires?

All mobile devices with at least one guest access to your network can control the basic functions of the luminaires. Access to your network can be restricted. Via the “Network" menu item, you can change the network share from “open” to...

Forgotten network password. What can I do?

If you have stored an administrator email address in the network settings, the password can be reset using the “Reset” function. Otherwise, you can manually remove the luminaires from the network. Empty networks are not displayed in the...

What information is stored in the cloud?

Our partner Casambi can give you detailed information about this: Casambi.

What is my information used for?

Our partner Casambi can give you detailed information about this: Casambi.

What is the emco light system?

The emco light system is designed to make it easy to control your luminaires, using an app for your iOS or Android device.

Is my information secure?

Our partner Casambi can give you detailed information about this: Casambi.

How does the technology work?

In Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Partner Casambi nutzen wir die von Casambi entwickelte App. Die Blue-tooth-fähigen Leuchten (z.B. von Philips Hue oder Casambi) werden in der App miteinander, einzeln oder mit Zubehörteilen wie dem...

How can I reset the app to the factory settings?

To reset the app and delete the cached data, do as follows. “More” tab > click “Refresh” button > press and hold “Change network” button. This step deletes stored passwords for the networks stored on the device. Networks are not...

Which end devices are supported?

The Casambi app was developed for iOS devices on iOS 7.0 or later. The Casambi app works on iPhone 4s, iPad mini and iPod touch 5 or later. It has also been optimised for iPhone 5. An Android version of the app is also available.

A newly created network will not be displayed on the other devices.

Only open and password protected networks are shown in the list. You can join an “Administrator-only network” by selecting the “Log in to network” option, which can be found under the “Networks” menu item. If the problem persists,...

Which light models work with the ELS?

The Casambi app supports Philips Hue luminaires and Casambi-powered luminaires.

How can I report an error or recurring problem with the app?

You can use the feedback option in the Casambi app for this. Please describe as exactly as possible what you did before and after the error in the app.

What does “pairing” mean?

Pairing means that a light is uniquely connected to the network using the settings sent to it. External use by third parties can also be prevented, for instance with an authorisation code.

My Hue gateway doesn’t automatically find my new Hue luminaires. What can I do?

Try going to the “Luminaires” tab and clicking on "Nearby luminaires". If that doesn’t work, try the following: Click on the “More” tab. Then tap on the gateway in the list and select “Search for new luminaires”.

How do I pair Casambi-enabled luminaires and Philips Hue gateways?

Two possibilities: 1. Switch on the luminaires. The Casambi app will automatically find and display all the luminaires in your vicinity. You can then add them to your network by tapping them. 2. Pair your luminaires by clicking on the “More”...

I'm stuck, and I can't find the right answer to my questions – what can I do?

In the app, click on the small question mark icons at the bottom right of the screen. Look through the Casambi knowledge base: Or call us, or send us an email.

How can I unpair Hue gateways?

Philips Hue gateways can only be unpaired from networks to which they have access. Select the "More" tab > "Nearby luminaires" > Select gateway and click on "Unpair gateway”.